Tax law encompasses the laws and regulations that apply to the different types of taxation such as state, federal, and property. The federal tax code is thousands of pages long, full of rules, exceptions to said rules and penalties for avoiding them. With this information, it can be easily seen how quickly tax documentation and information can become overwhelming and confusing. Majority of individuals have accountants handle their taxes, which is more than acceptable, until a problem arises. You may need a taxation attorney if:

  • You owe more than $10,000 to the IRS.
  • You want to bring a lawsuit against the IRS.
  • The IRS is investigating you.
  • You think you’ve committed tax fraud (or you know you have).
  • You disagree with a tax decision by the IRS.
  • You are starting a business and want advice on structuring your new company (i.e., sole proprietorship, LLC or corporation).
  • You are involved in business overseas and need legal advice.
  • You are preparing your estate plan or filing an estate plan tax return.
  • You are dealing with a tax issue that you don’t understand.

Miller, Turetsky, Rule & McLennan has extensive experience in taxation, therefore if you have any questions or concerns regarding your tax information, you can feel confident knowing that our attorneys will handle your matter properly and effectively.