In the state of Pennsylvania, DUI is a serious offense almost always requiring some jail time. Many individuals who have committed a first offense make the mistake of handling it on their own. A DUI conviction can exclude you from being a candidate for many jobs or cause you to be terminated from your current job, lose your license, your freedom and your reputation in the community.

The average cost of a first offense DUI in 2005 was between $8,000 and $12,000, including bail, fines, court costs, insurance and towing. DUIs cause higher insurance premiums and you may face mandatory drug and alcohol counseling, the installment of an ignition interlock device, probation or parole for up to three years and the ongoing effects of a criminal record.

Drink Next to Car KeysAt Miller, Turetsky, Rule & McLennan, we handle all aspects of DUI, whether it be a first or subsequent offense.  In each case, we will assess whether the police had a legal right to stop you, followed procedure, were properly trained in administering field sobriety tests and the BAC test and whether the breathalyzer was property tested and calibrated prior to usage.

If you or your underage child has been charged with a DUI or related offenses, call us today for a free phone consultation to discuss your options and defense.


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