Experienced Attorneys and Legal Staff

As a full-service, general practice law firm, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice, representation and services to individuals, families and businesses across Pennsylvania.  The experience of the firm enables us to handle diverse legal issues and complex situations encountered by a wide range of clients.

The attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff of the law firm are ready to assist clients in a friendly and professional manner.


Attorney Mark Turetsky

Turetsky, Mark D.

Attorney Jack Rule

Rule, John A.

Attorney Keith McLennan

McLennan, Keith B.

Attorney Jim FreemanFreeman, Jim H.

Attorney Sisa M. Colletti, Esq

Colletti, Sisa M.


Paralegal Jill Anderson

Anderson, Jill K.

Paralegal Sherry Durante

Durante, Sherry L.

Paralegal Michelle Calkins

Calkins, Michelle A.

Paralegal Nancy Marchese

Marchese, Nancy A.






Legal Assistants

Legal Assistant Janet Stefanowicz

Stefanowicz, Janet D.




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